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Watching Over Me

McKenzie Publishing

Available in e-book

What would you do if you lost everything you had ever loved? In this mesmerizing novel of love and loss, set in the late 1990s, Sarah Martin’s idyllic world is shattered when the death of her father sets into motion a series of terrible life-changing events. While fighting to save her father’s bookstore from bankruptcy, Sarah discovers family secrets that tear her and her husband Michael’s lives apart.


Meanwhile Gamaliel, Sarah’s guardian angel, is fighting his own agonizing battles. A broken angel whose last mission to earth failed tragically, he somehow has to find the courage to set foot on earth again in a human body if he is to save Sarah. He has only twenty-four hours to complete his mission.


Sarah’s life is on the line, but is Gamaliel up to the job? Thrilling and compelling, Watching Over Me is an inspirational read that reveals, ultimately, how the power of love can transform lives.

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