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The Paris of the West

McKenzie Publishing

Available in Trade paperback and e-book

The Paris of the West is a story of love and loss, betrayal and forgiveness, and having the courage to start over.


San Francisco, 1948. Having survived the Second World War against all odds, Celina and her family arrive on a Liberty Ship into the Bay Area with high hopes for their new lives. But as new immigrants they face many hurdles, and they have to deal somehow with the trauma of war and the grief of losing loved ones. Betrayal and more heartbreak are just around the corner. Why is it that now they are finally safe, Celina cannot sleep and is afraid of her dreams? And who is the mysterious jazz singer who will have such an impact on their family?


A page-turning, historical read set in the spectacular hilly city of San Francisco, ‘The Paris of the West’ goes from the jazz clubs in the Fillmore District to the sun-kissed vineyards of Sonoma.


Praise for The Paris of the West:


'The Paris of the West is a most readable symphony of history and romance that neatly concludes each character’s arc and ushers them, lively and aglow, towards a promising future. McMillan is an empathetic observer of sorrow and rejuvenation.' Coast FM


'This well-researched novel paints a vibrant picture of post-war San Francisco, from the jazz clubs in the Fillmore District to the vineyards of Sonoma. An enjoyable historical read with a touch of romance.' Sweet Living Magazine


‘a romantic page turner with many a heart wrenching and bittersweet moment but also a gradual healing. It is a well-researched read.’


'Wonderful...I couldn't put it down,' Radio Southland


'The follow up novel to 'The Paris of the East', Karen McMillan delivers yet another fabulous romance novel that will satisfy all keen readers,' The Rural


'The strength of this book was its portrayal of the long-lasting effects of war, both physical and mental.' Booksellers NZ


'It is well written and has an ending that I personally felt was satisfying and complete.' Flaxflower Reviews


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