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Love Bytes

McKenzie Publishing

Available in e-book


Romance – family – friendship – humanity: love is the most important aspect of our lives. With love we become vibrant, passionate and caring people, living fully. People of all ages and all walks of life share their special moments of love. Everyday, down-to-earth examples we can all relate to are mixed with stories of love that will challenge and inspire the way we think about love.


Punctuated by famous quotations, Love Bytes is a book for everyone from teenagers to grandparents.


Karen uses the Greek words for the four different types of love: Eros (romance), Storge (family love), Philia (friendship) and Agape (love of humanity). In Eros, people share their experiences from first impressions to being married for more than sixty years. In Storge, people of all ages talk about the love they have for their children, their parents, their siblings and their extended family. In Philia, friends talk about the simple fun of friendship; and in Agape unsung, modest people take centre stage for a moment to talk about the caring they do and what motivates them. Love, the most power force in the world, bursts from every page of Love Bytes.



Praise for Love Bytes:


'Under the four headings of friendship, family love, love of humanity and romance, the author has captured the essence of the many forms love takes. In this special little gift book, New Zealanders from all walks of life share their poignant stories, views and moments of love, and these are interspersed with various quotations. It certainly celebrates that love is all around us and all you need is…love, aroha, alofa.'  Next Magazine






Originally published by Random House as Love in Aotearoa, it was shortlisted for the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Award in 2005. 



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