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Everyday Strength:

Recipes and Wellbeing Tips for Cancer Patients

Beatnik Publishing

Available in Hardback 

Nourishing recipes and wellbeing tips for people facing cancer that will help make everyday a little brighter.


Everyday Strength is an invaluable resource for families facing cancer.

Going through treatments for cancer is undoubtedly challenging, which authors Sam Mannering and Karen McMillan well know from personal experience. But this book is packed with practical, everyday things you can do to make each day a little brighter during this difficult time.

Sam has created nourishing, easy-to-prepare, family-friendly recipes that are designed specifically for people who may be feeling unwell. Karen has sought advice from experts, so there are practical suggestions that may help with common symptoms such as exhaustion, changes in weight, nausea, pain and discomfort, and the various symptoms you might not want to talk about. There are sections on hair and skin care, as well as emotional wellbeing. There is also a special section of recipes especially designed to tempt young children, along with practical tips for parents.

One of the NZ Listener Top Ten Cookbooks for 2017!

'Food for cancer patients is a fraught topic but food writer (and restaurateur) Sam Mannering has helped Karen McMilllan to create recipes to inspire patients and their support people to eat good food. The pair avoid bombarding patients with cranky radical diets, instead focusing on flavours and ingredients that help offset the unpleasant days. With a preface by oncologist Reuben Broom, tips from cancer rehabilitation specialists, advice on exercise and asking for help, this is a sensible book.' NZ Herald

'the book is filed with practical tips and easy-to-prepare, nutritious and delicious recipes suited to people who aren't well. Mannering has taken into account the palate changes that can occur during treatment and as such, his recipes feature warm, comforting flavours rather than strong and spicy, but blandness is banished.' Cuisine Magazine

'This invaluable resource for families facing cancer offers practical advice to make each day a little brighter. The nourishing, easy recipes are designed for people who may be feeling unwell, and there are tips on how to ease exhaustion, nausea, pain and discomfort.' MindFood Magazine

'It’s clear throughout that this has been written by someone who has been there. Overall, it strikes just the right balance in presenting facts, feelings (It’s ok to have a good cry when you feel the need), practical advice, and recipes. There’s no doubt that this is a book that will be appreciated by many forced to face some form of this illness.' Flaxflower

Everyday Strength represented New Zealand in the Gourmand World Awards 2018 in the Health and Nutrition category. 

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