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Blong the Cat's

Costume Caper

Duckling Publishing

Available in paperback

Blong goes shopping to buy a special outfit to wear to a wedding, but not everyone likes his choices!

A story of costumes, numbers and dancing, all wrapped up in a bow of kindness.

Blong the cat is based on the real-life cat, who lives with Karen and her husband. The real-life Blong was adopted from Vanautu, and now lives in Auckland. Just like the fictional cat, Blong loves cuddles and music.

Suitable for children 3+.

TV rights optioned by Chrissy Metge Ltd


'The story is great and it doubles as a counting book. Count the shoes at the bottom of each outfit. I thought it was funny and a good read-a-loud for juniors. The illustrations are fitting especially the eyes.' bobsbooksnz

'Blong the Cat’s Costume Caper has the cutest illustrations, but it’s also a heart-warming story that has lovely messages about being kind and considerate to others. And I love that it has all these different dances and costumes - and also a counting element too!' NZ Booklovers

'This is the first stand-alone book about Blong the cat. It will appeal especially to those who have met him before in one of Karen McMillan’s popular Elastic Island Adventures series and to young children who love cats. They will enjoy the brightly coloured illustrations of the loveable Blong dressed up in a series of costumes.' Grownups

'Miss Two was completely engrossed in the story, dancing along with Blong with great enthusiasm and pointing out various items of clothing like the bow tie, the flowers on the lei, the banana suit and the pirate hat.' Kiwi Reviews

'A nice lesson for kids on not hurting others with thoughtless comments. Lively illustrations and a wide range of adjectives will make this a joy to read aloud to kids.' Horowhenua Chronicle

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