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Elastic Island Adventures
Flip Flop Bay
Duckling Publishing, available in paperback and audiobook

Flip Flop Bay is the sixth in a fantasy action-adventure set in the South Pacific. Kiri, Jed, and twins Emma and Ethan discover an ‘elastic’ island that sends them pinging across the ocean to a variety of destinations.


Bob the Blue-Footed Booby is running a flying school, which sounded like fun until the children discovered that this means dressing in weird costumes and launching themselves off the end of the wharf. It’s the latest silly idea in a series of doomed ventures from Bob the Blue-Footed Booby, who is trying to save their small fishing village from closure. Can the children come up with an idea that will save the island and its kooky inhabitants? And what about the complication of The Dastardly Captain Crook?

Suitable for children 7 - 12 years

Movie/TV rights optioned by Chrissy Metge Ltd

Audiobook, narrated by Suzy Cato, available from:

'Like the past Elastic Island Adventures, Flip Flop Bay is action-packed and sets a ripping pace. McMillan knows how to keep readers turning the page, with plenty of adventure, laughs and just the right amount of deep and meaningful. If you're new to the series, Flip Flop Bay is just the start of the hijinks readers will find in this fast-paced adventure series. Each of the books in the series can be read in any order, and each are standalone reads...

Another rollicking read of hijinks at sea, Flip Flop Bay will capture the imagination and attention of younger readers.' NZ Booklovers

'The magical elastic island that has taken the children on other fun adventures, this time transports them from their home in Browns Bay to a place largely inhabited by blue-footed boobies, one of which is the mayor of Flip Flop Bay.
    But all is not fun on the day the companions visit, as a pirate ship sails into the harbour. They have met Captain Crook before. He is dastardly, dangerous, and a mean dufus. Once he is dealt with, things lighten up with the arrival of a crown-wearing king, a sarong-clad queen, quokkas, frivals, and lashings of ice-cream.
    So, Flip Flop Bay has all the elements likely to appeal to young readers.
    They’ll find the language clear and suited to their age group.' Flaxflower

'‘The series is fast paced and funny, filled with gentle hijinks and comradeship. Set amongst the glittering blue seas, lagoons and islands of the South Pacific, even the baddest of baddies aren’t dispatched to Stinky Fish Reef for too long.' Waiheke Weekender

'The storyline is easy to follow but at the same time there are enough complications to appeal to an older reader. It is a given that the animals and birds talk and interact with humans as well as with one another; in fact, there is plenty of magic in this story! But there is also a great deal of fun as the children and their creature friends work together to save the island and bring the tourists back.
         Miss Ten's favourite characters (apart from Blong, of course) were the new parrot Gracie the Galah; and Bob the Blue-Footed Booby. While Gracie has plenty of common sense (as well as making delicious icecream), Bob is just the opposite. He is trying to run a business to attract visitors back to the island when his true talents lie in quite a different direction. It is interesting that the children encourage him to stop trying to do something that is doomed to failure just because he thinks he should, and to turn his hand to a completely different enterprise where he is certain to succeed. There is a nice little lesson there on maximising your skills and not doing things you don't enjoy just because you feel you must!
       Bob's habit of stopping to admire his feet regularly was the source of much hilarity for Miss Ten (and for me, I might add). This habit extended to all the boobies; Miss Ten said the way they did that was just so cute! She is hoping there will be a seventh book in the series, and that Bob will feature in it. Gracie, too, impressed us both with her sensible attitude and her flair for making unusual and delicious ice cream flavours that everyone enjoyed. My own favourite (again, apart from Blong) is Mrs Quokka and her charming joey; I was so glad that she makes an appearance, short though it is. Her logic, delivered in sets of three, is fun if a little unusual! We were unanimous in deeming this book a great read for children, and hope that the series will continue to expand. 10/10'

'I think young readers would enjoy this adventurous fiction book because it is straightforward, simple to read, and not too long. There are a lot of interesting big words in there as well which makes the book more fun to read. I recommend Elastic Island: Flip Flop Bay to 8-14-year-olds but truthfully anyone could read this. It’s a great, happy book!' Amber, 15, Hooked on Books

'I love Kiri so much, because I love her personality and how she's always in the story. Kiri also looks like me so were technichly twins like emma and ethan.' Milla

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