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A passionate tale of freedom and love in Victorian Dunedin by bestselling New Zealand author Karen McMillan is a page-turning saga set in extraordinary times.


Dunedin, 1890: Suddenly orphaned at the tender age of twenty, Greer Gillies is reduced to working as a humble servant at Larnach Castle, a far cry from her dreams of literature, fashion and music. And as she struggles with the stark reality of grief, she finds her journey has only just begun as the decade proves transformative for women’s progress.


Greer’s discovery of newfound friendships and a supportive community becomes a catalyst for change, echoing the progressive spirit of the times. But as she grapples with affairs of the heart, betrayal, the threat of lost love and social upheavals, her resilience shines through. Greer becomes a symbol of courage, daring to pursue her dreams, follow her heart and find her place in a world that promises a better future.


Spanning the last decade of the 19th century, this page-turning saga not only explores the healing power of friendship and love but also celebrates the pivotal role women played in one of New Zealand’s most turbulent eras. Greer is an independent woman of her time, and her journey stands as a beautifully imagined account that captures the essence of a historical milestone when women’s voices rose above the tumult.



Turbulent Threads

  • Trade Paperback. 306 pages.

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