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Unleash Your Inner Seductress

​McKenzie Publishing

Available in e-book


Unleash Your Inner Seductress is the ultimate guide for women looking to increase their confidence, reclaim their femininity and enjoy life to the full. Accessible for both single women and those in relationships, it explores themes of building confidence and tapping into a woman’s natural femininity, tricks of making the most of your physical assets, and taking this information and putting it into action. Unleash Your Inner Seductress will help women everywhere enjoy the benefits of their inner seductress. Here they learn how unleashing their own charm, beauty, sophistication and intelligence can enrich their entire lives, whether it be in the boardroom, bedroom or at a social gathering.

The book includes quotes from famous seductive women throughout history and hot tips on how best to allow your inner seductress to emerge true to your personality. Being in touch with their inner seductress in everyday life has never been more fun, or more deliciously glorious, as women discover their own unique X-factor with all the confidence and fun this brings to their life! Discover how to reclaim your femininity, understand the power of persuasion and how to use your charm effectively. Learn how to establish rapport and to have confidence in your natural beauty. This is a book that focuses on the meaning of ‘seduce’ that means to ‘win over and attract’ rather than leading astray, and it will enrich women’s lives whether they are asking the boss for a pay rise, meeting people for the first time at a party, or going out on a date with a lover.


Praise for Unleash Your Inner Seductress:

'Unleash Your Inner Seductress is both practical and imaginative, and leaves no stone unturned on the path to uncovering the world of seduction. It is the ideal accomplice to the task of unleashing your signature brand of charm, beauty and sophistication.'



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