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What You Don't Know by Joan Chaney

This is a chilling, but compelling crime novel about a serial murderer, and how those murders impacted on the many people who were associated with the case. Seven years ago, Detective Paul Hoskins and his partner solved the case of the decade when they found more than 30 bodies in the crawlspace of Jacky Seever’s home. Sammie Peterson was the lead reporter on the case, and the news made her career. Meanwhile, Seever’s wife, Jacky, claimed she didn’t know her husband was committing these terrible acts, that he was a loving husband and pillar in the community.

But seven years on, Hoskins is working in the basement of the police station, Sammie is selling make-up at the mall, and Gloria is trying to live in a world that condemns her – their lives ruined by getting close to the killer. But then bodies start to show up again, copycat murders in the trademark style of Seever, and a new nightmare is set to start. All the while Seever is watching…

This is a step up from most crime novels and it’s strength is exploring what happens to the police, media and family after such terrible crimes, and how this level of evil permeates their

lives. This is a book with plenty of twists and turns, but it never gets too far fetched. A stunning debut.


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