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The Song Journey by T.E. Scott

The Song Journey is an intriguing story of time travel, love, loss and family, all underscored by a love of music. Singer Julia MacAllistair receives a unique gift from her great-grandmother Etty, also a singer, before she dies – five pieces of sheet music from different eras. Only when Julia plays the first piece on her piano does she realise the powerful gift she has been given when she is transported back in time. Five sheets of music equates to five different periods of time and places – including Chicago in 1906, NZ in the 1940s, and Vietnam in the 1960s. In each she meets strangers and family that will have a huge impact on her life.

This is a novel that has it all – adventure, history, romance, and a wonderfully compelling main character. The reader is drawn into a tale where Julia discovers that her future depends on escaping the tragedy of her family’s past. It is lyrical and surprising, a highly originally novel that is immensely enjoyable and emotionally satisfying. I look forward to reading more from this wonderful writer in the future.


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