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The One Man by Andrew Gross

This thrilling historical novel is completely unputdownable. Set in the Second World War, intelligence lieutenant Nathan Blum spends his days in America decoding messages from occupied Poland, but he is frustrated with not being able to do more. Fighting the Nazis is particularly personal for him as they murdered his family in the Krakow getto that he escaped from. When he is sent on a mission – that looks like it could be a suicide mission – to risk his life to rescue one man from Auschwitz, there is little hesitation.

What unfolds is a gripping story that highlights the horrors of the Second World War, but also the bravery of people fighting against evil. The book is inspired by the author’s father-in-law, who never spoke about his experiences of the war or growing up in Poland. This is a wonderful story, much of it based on truth, that lingered in my mind long after finishing the book. It’s packs a powerful emotional punch, but ultimately is a story of hope.


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