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The House of New Beginnings by Lucy Diamond

This is a lovely novel, with three central characters, who are staying at a Regency house near the Brighton sea. Georgie has followed her partner to Brighton but is a bit stuck on how to occupy her time until she takes on a journalism role for a local paper. It’s a great way for her to learn about the city, but it’s not long before she’s got herself in trouble. Rosa has run away from London and is starting over as a sous chef with a demanding boss. But when one of the tenants of their house is rushed to the hospital, she is forced to look after her stroppy teenage daughter which leads to many challenges. Meanwhile, Charlotte is grieving a terrible loss and is avoiding people full stop. But the elegant elderly lady who lives on the top floor forces her to confront the outside world again, with far-reaching consequences.

The House of New Beginnings is certainly a novel of three stories: equal time is devoted to Georgie, Rosa and Charlotte’s lives. But the novel goes off in different directions when the character’s lives intersect, making it a more surprising read. This is a warm-hearted story about second chances. Believable, enjoyable and engaging.


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