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Before You Go by Clare Swatman

Zoe is devasted when her husband Ed is knocked off his bike on his way to work and he dies. Her loss is made worse that they had been arguing the morning he left, and she never got to tell him that day that she loved him. A couple in trouble for some time, Zoe has so many regrets of their time together, and can’t reconcile herself to the fact that she doesn’t have time with Ed to make things right. But then she knocks herself out and when she wakes up she is in the past and she soon learns she is getting to relive many of the pivotal moments in their relationship – so each time she wakes up she is determined to enjoy the additional day she gets to spend with Ed – but she also starts to hope that she can influence the future by making positive changes, clinging to the hope that she can prevent his death.

This is a bittersweet love story with an intriguing premise. Zoe is back in time and she knows what each day will bring, so the reader gets to learn their backstory, but always with the hope that the changes she is bringing will result in a different ending. No spoilers here though – you will need to read for yourself to see if the ending does indeed change.


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