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A Southern Shelter by Anya Forest

Jesse Holt is an experienced family lawyer, but when one of his cases results in tragedy, he flees from Auckland to the South Island, looking for solace, and wanting to keep the world at a distance. But then he meets Lisa Dillon, a party-loving woman who lives in the moment, and she gets under his skin like no one else ever has, despite his best intentions. Jesse has to make a decision, to let her into his life, finally revealing his own personal tragedy, or to push her away like he has been doing to everyone his entire life.

A Southern Shelter is a classic romance with a twist. Yes, there is plenty of heat between Jesse and Lisa as the story progresses, but the book also touches on serious social issues – in this case, family violence. This is Anya Forest’s fourth novel, and it was enjoyable to read a book with a New Zealand setting and its identifiable locations. Anya Forest is a writer to keep an eye on.


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