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Flying Furballs: Dogfight by Donovan Bixley

This is the first in brand new action-adventure series for children, and what a treat this is! Donovan Bixley is an award-winning illustrator and writer, and he has created something really special with Flying Furballs: Dogfight. Set in Europe in 1916, and with all the glamour of old-world aviation, this is a battle between CATs and Dogz. Claude D’Bonair is the youngest pilot in the CATs Air Corps, and he embarks on a dangerous mission to say Major Ginger Tom from the dark castle he is imprisoned in DOGz territory. Will Claude survive with his nine lives intact?

The text of this novel is a delight, full of fun world-play that parents and children will both enjoy. Wonderful humour shines on every page. And the illustrations take the book to another level, with details and additional information that is wonderful to stop and enjoy. I’d highly recommend! (Note that Flying Furballs: Hot Air, and Flying Furballs: Unmasked are also now available!)

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