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The Chinese Proverb by Tina Clough

This gripping, page-turning thriller will have you on the edge of your seat from the opening paragraph until the final page. Hunter Grant is an Afghanistan army veteran who has now settled back in New Zealand. He hopes he has left the war behind, but when he finds an unconscious young woman in the Northland bush, he is plunged into danger yet again.

As the young woman recovers, Dao slowly reveals her story of being a slave to a man she was forced to call Master – and she tells of years of shocking abuse from the man who they discover is a major player in a sophisticated drug ring. And now the Master wants Dao dead because she knows too much, and it is going to take all of Hunter’s army skills and ingenuity to keep her safe.

The strength of this pacey novel is not just the tense plot line, where every moment there is palpable danger, but also the nuanced and growing relationship between Dao and Hunter. They are two individuals who are thrown together in the most extreme circumstances, and who develop a deep bond with each other, based on mutual respect and admiration. The Chinese Proverb is a top-notch thriller, with a powerful emotional element. This is a fabulous piece of storytelling! The Chinese Proverb is Tina Clough’s third novel, and I will look for more books by this talented author in the future.

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