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False Hearts for Laura Lim

This futuristic novel is set in San Francisco, in a world where crime has been eradicated, and people look perfect and seem to live perfect lives. But twins Tila and Taema already know that life is not perfect. They escaped a cult as teenagers to join this perfect world, but as conjoined twins they had major surgery to divide their shared heart. Ten years on they have created independent lives for themselves, but then Tila is accused of murder, and Taema goes undercover in a drug syndicate to see if she can find out what really happened and save her sister.

This is a very cool book, with shades of Blade Runner. I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of San Francisco in the future, and the characterisation is excellent. My only complaint? That the book had to come to an end. This is a great, emotional, rollercoaster of a read. Highly recommended for anyone who likes a novel that is fast paced with a great story.

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