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W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton

Sue Grafton has been working her way through the alphabet with her witty PI heroine Kinsey Millhone. This is my first of her books, so I would love to read the rest of the series, probably starting back at ‘A’. Kinsey is a delightful character, disciplined, warm and caring, with an inquisitive streak – and Sue Grafton has an easy-reading style that makes it perfect holiday or relaxing reading.

In W is for Wasted two deaths, which don’t seem to be related, change Kinsey’s life. The first was that of another PI, gunned down in what looked like a robbery gone wrong – a private investigator who Kinsey has met before, a man who was always quick to bend the rules if he could make a quick buck. The other death is an unknown homeless man, found dead on the beach, probably as the result of natural causes – but he has Kinsey’s name and number in his pocket. Feeling a sense of responsibility to at least take a bit of a look into this, Kinsey starts investigating the identity of the mystery John Doe.

This is an intelligent, well-crafted thriller, with much to recommend it. I enjoyed the slightly slower pace and the attention to detail, the way she explored broad themes set in small town America.

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