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Ruby and the Blue Sky by Katherine Dewar

This novel will most likely be enjoyed by anyone concerned with climate change and the impact it is having on the planet. Ruby is a successful musician, but her life changes forever when she makes an impulsive acceptance speech after her band wins a Grammy Award in 2012. Her speech goes viral when instead of the usual thank you, she implores people to spend less time shopping and more time looking out for the planet. Eco-groupies encourage her to use her fame to fight climate change, and eventually she gives into their call and becomes the front person for a group of climate campaigners demanding change. Ruby takes on the challenge, unaware she has put herself, and those around her at serious risk.

While Ruby isn’t a particularly likeable character, she is strong and outspoken and can be admired for her conviction to the cause. Ultimately, the sacrifices she makes are heartbreaking and profound, however, and the book goes into very dark places, and some of the scenes are disturbing. This debut novel raises some social and political issues that will provoke discussion and debate.


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