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Can't Help Falling by Kara Isaac

What a delightful novel! Can’t Help Falling is romantic and heart-warming, a redemptive story with loveable characters and an endearing plotline.

Peter Carlisle was on the way to winning rowing gold at the Olympics until he injured his shoulder. Now he has to remain on the sidelines in Oxford hoping his injury will heal, even though specialists are worried the injury will be long term.

Emelia Mason moves to Oxford, England from her home in the US. She was a tabloid reporter, but one of the stories she wrote triggered tragic consequences she couldn’t have foreseen. Devastated and guilt-ridden, she turns her back on her old life and vows to make amends for the past. But at heart Emelia hopes for magic in her life, and she loves the Narnia books and can never go past a wardrobe without climbing into them to see if there is a fantasy world on the other side. On her first night in Oxford, she falls out of a wardrobe, and Peter meets her for the first time. There is instant chemistry, and they find they have a shared love of Narnia. But is their budding relationship just fantasy? Can their relationship have a chance in the real world, especially when Emelia discovers Peter has links to the reason she left the US in the first place.

Can’t Help Falling is a novel about trying for second chances that will leave a smile on your face.

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