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Book Review: The Secrets of Happiness by Lucy Diamond

The Secrets of Happiness is a wonderfully warm and engaging novel about two stepsisters, who have had little to do with each other over the years. Rachel is highly focused and organised. She is happily married with children, lives in a flash house and has a very successful career. Becca is artistic, creative and kind, but lurches from one lousy job to another. She’s given up on love and lives in a tiny flat.

Everything changes when Rachel doesn’t come home one night and Becca is called on to look after her stepsister's children. But once in Rachel’s home, she discovers that Rachel’s perfect life has fallen apart – her husband has left her, and she has lost her job. Becca begins to untangle Rachel’s secrets, and in doing so discovers hidden strengths about her own personality.

This is a page-turning novel about sisters with well-rounded characters and an enjoyable story.


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