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Book Review: The Mother by Yvette Edwards

The opening scene of this well-written and beautiful book finds Marcia waking up to find a cup of tea on the bedside table. Her husband has made her a cup of tea every morning for eighteen years, so today would appear to be no different from any other. But it is not a typical day, and she views the regular cup of tea as ‘a steaming act of phenomenal cowardice.’ Marcia is going to attend the trail of the young man accused or her son’s murder. And her husband refuses to come along and support her.

This is an emotional, sad read, but in this author’s capable hands, it never descends into utter despair. The Mother is about a strained marriage, about wanting to seek the truth, however distressing, and it is also about tentatively making small steps towards a new future.

An award-winning novelist, I thought this book was outstanding. I was reluctant to put this wonderful book down on the final page.


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