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Book Review: The Song Collector by Natasha Solomons

Another fantastic novel from Natasha Solomons – and I think this may be her best novel yet! The Song Collector is about the life of Harry Fox-Talbot. It follows his story of returning after the war to the ruined house of Hartgrove Hall in 1946 and meeting the beautiful wartime singer Edie Rose – who is engaged to his brother. Fox, as everyone calls him, yearns to become a composer, and this love of music bring Edie and Fox close together.

The novel goes back in forth in time from 1946 to the present day, when Fox has recently been widowed, and he’s unable to write a note of music, even though he is now a celebrated composer. But one day he is left to babysit his four-year-old grandson, whom he barely knows, and he discovers the child is a piano prodigy. Slowly the music returns and Fox’s enthusiasm for life – but ultimately he has to confront an old family rift.

Throughout the novel, Fox is constantly on the look out for songs – old, ancient songs, that he collects. This is a beautiful, lyrical, passionate novel. It’s a story of creativity, love and betrayal, and also redemption and forgiveness. I would thoroughly recommend The Song Collector; it is a well-told and memorable.

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