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Book Review: Rain Music by Di Morrissey

Di Morrissey is a very talented storyteller, and in her latest offering she has written another page-turning and enjoyable read. Rain Music has a great sense of place and local history, as well as characters to care for, and a plotline that starts relatively slowly but builds to a heart-stopping finale.

Musician Ned Chisholm has been on the road since the death of his father, struggling with the tragedy. He decides to go to Cooktown in North Queensland to work on a musical, something he feels he needs space and concentrated time to pursue. But his mother, and his sister Bella, want him to come home on the anniversary of his father’s death to attend the dedication of a new hospital wing in his name. But Ned makes excuses about going, so Bella decides to try and find her brother and talk him into attending. At a crossroads in her relationship with her partner, and discouraged by her job, she takes an extended holiday and heads North. She eventually tracks Ned to remote Cooktown, but once there events will dramatically change their lives forever.

Thoroughly enjoyable, with a nice blend of current day action and old history. I particularly loved learning about real life jazz singer Georgia Lee (real name Dulcie Rama Pitt).


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