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Top tips for aspiring writers

I have worked with so many talented writers and after quizzing them here are some of their top tips:

  • Read like mad. But try to do so analytically. Try to discover the devices that make the book work so well – they could be very helpful in your own work. Also consider anything that jars or distracts from your reading experience and leave the same things out of your own work.

  • Cut, cut, cut. Less is more when it comes to writing, so don’t be afraid of pruning your masterpiece from the unruly bed of flowers it was in the beginning to something beautifully manicured.

  • Be disciplined. Try to set yourself a target that you aim to reach each week. For some writers it might be 1,000 words a day, for other writers it might be more or less. Whatever it is, have a target and stick with it.

  • Pace is important. Fine writing isn’t enough. You need to take the reader on a journey, especially with fiction. You may find thinking about your book as a film helps you with this.

  • Don’t panic. It is very common to get half way through a project and suddenly decide your writing is a waste of time. Step away from the project, go for a walk, clear your head, and then get back to it. Writing is for the courageous, not the weak, so find the strength to continue on!


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