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Book Review: Trust No One by Paul Cleave

Trust No One by Paul Cleave

Award-winning and bestselling author Paul Cleave writes novels that are page-turning and gripping, but his latest psychological thrillerTrust No One is his best yet! It has been compared to Gone Girl, and I can see why, although they are entirely different tales for the most part. Gone Girl had two unreliable narrators and an undeniably dark undertone. With Trust No One, we have one wildly unreliable narrator in crime writer Jerry Grey, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of forty-nine, unable to tell the difference between the dark plot lines he created in his novels and real life.

In the opening chapter, Jerry is sitting in the police station after wandering away from the nursing home he now lives in. He is confused and at first he doesn’t even recognise his daughter but instead thinks she is a police officer. It’s hardly surprising that no one is interested when he claims to have killed someone – it’s clearly just a plotline from one of his dark books. But as this well-crafted book takes many surprising twists and turns, everyone must consider if he is just an increasingly confused dementia patient with an overly vivid imagination, or a monster who has killed numerous women.

Jerry is a wonderfully complex character, revealed as the storyline moves between past and present, and his deteriorating mind increasingly blurs the line between fact and fiction, reality and unreality. It’s an accomplished, highly original, and emotionally engaging read that kept me on the edge of my seat. The ending is pitch perfect, although heart-wrenching. I won’t be surprised if Trust No One wins awards, sells millions of copies and gets made into a movie. It’s that good.

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