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Book Review: Love May Fail by Matthew Quick

Love May Fail by Matthew Quick

Matthew Quick writes moving and funny books that are generally about misfits, love and life – and Love May Fail is no exception. In the opening scene of the novel, Portia Kane is hiding in her bedroom wardrobe drinking a $2,000+ bottle of wine, waiting for her husband to appear with his latest, young conquest. In the end, she decides not to kill him, as was her original intention, instead she escapes him and all his money, and she returns to her hometown. There her hoarder mother has been saving cartons of Diet Coke with Lime in case Portia ever came back, and it seems nothing has changed in her old hometown.

But when she hears that life hasn’t gone so well for her English school teacher Mr Vernon since she left. He is a teacher who had a hugely positive influence on her life, so she vows to find him and turn his life around. But this is a job too large for one woman! Portia ends up with the help of a hunky ex-heroin addict, a young boy who loves heavy metal music, and a sassy nun she meets on a plane.

But Mr Vernon doesn’t want to be saved, so what chances does she have to restore a man’s life, and her own hope of a new and better existence? Love May Fail is a book about daring to try to become the person you are supposed to be. And even though love may fail, you can dare to believe you will find love again. It’s a fabulous book, full of quirks and surprises. I loved it!

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