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The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

The One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes is a bestselling author known for books that have characters to really care for, and plots that will keep you reading to the end.

In her latest novel, The One Plus One, one half of the one plus one is Jess. She is a single mother who tries her best, but sometimes her best is just not good enough. She has two jobs, and two children - and a huge dog named Norman. There is never enough money to go around and her children are struggling at their local school. Her stepson Nicky is a target of local bullies. Her daughter Tanzie is a maths genius, but not encouraged by her current teachers.

The other half of the one plus one is Ed. He is an accidentally successful businessman who is running from his past. Long story short, he made a lot of money, but then a woman entered his life and some pillow-talk became insider trading and he is waiting to hear if he will go to jail. He enters Jess’s life when he stops to help her out after a road traffic accident – and on the spur of the moment promises to drive Jess and her children, and Norman the slobbering dog to Scotland so that Tanzie can compete in a math’s competition that could change their lives.

This is an unconventional romance and the characters are superb! It is delight to see these two lost souls finding each other – but will they actually end up together? Through a moment of bad judgement Jess puts the entire promising relationship in jeopardy…

This novel packs a real emotional punch – a truly wonderful and warm novel from a writer who is just getting better and better.

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