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Book Review: The Case Against William by Mark Gimenez

The Case Against William by Mark Gimenez

Mark Giminez is one of my favourite authors. He writes intelligent, page-turning legal thrillers with an admirable moral core – and his latest book doesn’t disappoint.

William Tucker is a celebrated star football player – a talented sportsperson, but a completely unlikeable character. When he is charged with the brutal rape and murder of a college co-ed everyone thinks he is guilty. It is only his estranged father, Frank Tucker, an alcoholic down-on-his-luck ex-criminal defence lawyer, who believes his son is innocent. With his son facing the death penalty from an ambitious district attorney, hoping to make a big case from the high-profile young man behind bars, Frank has to sober up and make the case of his life to save his son. But to make things more complicated, William has been estranged from his ‘loser’ dad for years, and might not let his father represent him…

This is a thrilling legal book, but the novel’s greatest strength is the way Mark Gimenez captures this father’s unbreakable love for his son. And along the way, both son and father learn many life lessons. Highly recommend

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