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Book Review: Dark Heart by Tony Park

Dark Heart by Tony Park

Dark Heart is mainly set in Africa, and captures the beauty and brutality of the dark continent, with a story that is intelligent and full of action. When lawyer Mike Ioannu is found dead after a supposed hit and run, war crimes prosecutor Carmel Shang picks up his case but she soon realises that his death was not an accident. She also realises that her former lover Dr Richard Dunlop and the women who betrayed her, photojournalist Liel Nel, are in danger after attempts on their lives. The heart of this story goes back twenty years earlier to a dying man clutching a photograph in the middle of the Rwandan genocide…

I’ve read a lot of non-fiction accounts of the madness of the genocide in Rwanda and this novel certainly brought the brutality and shocking period to life. It also incorporates a modern day mystery that is a page-turning and intriguing as the three main characters race to discover the identities of the men in the photograph from so long ago – men who are trying to kill them. I really enjoyed this novel that has shades of Wilbur Smith in the writing. I also thoroughly enjoyed reading about a small, orphaned baby gorilla, who really captured my heart. With a plot that encompasses Rwanda’s darkest days, the illegal trafficking of exotic wildlife, and much more, this is a thrilling – albeit highly visceral – read.

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