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Book Review: The Mistletoe Bride by Kate Mossse

The Mistletoe Bride by Kate Mosse

This is possibly the most atmospheric collection of short stories that I have ever read. Kate Mosse has created a collection of short stories that are inspired by old folk tales of England and France, a wonderfully compelling and enjoyable read.It is difficult to pick which story is my favourite as they are all stand outs. The titular tale is about a winter bride who plays a game of hide and seek on her wedding, but tragically she is never found, and as a ghost she spends her time listening to the living in this house of tragedy. ‘The Drowned Village’ is a Breton-inspired tale of water, fire and legend. ‘Red Letter Day’ traces the ghostly whispers of the Cathars. ‘The Ship of the Dead’ is a masterful tale of a fishing village, while ‘The Yellow Scarf’ is a time-slip story rich in detail. All of the stores are perfectly formed, ghostly reads that are slightly otherworldly and a little spooky. They are beautifully written gems to return to again and again

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