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Book Review: The Far Side of the Sun by Kate Furnivall

The Far Side of the Sun by Kate Furnivall

Set in the beautiful Bahama’s in 1943, this is a page-turning read of mystery that brings together two very different woman – the shy twenty-two-year old Dodie Wyatt and the very elegant wife of a wealthy diplomat, Ella Stanford. Dodie has already endured a turbulent past, and wants nothing but peace, but her peace is shattered when she chooses to help a man stabbed in an alleyway. When the man dies, despite her best efforts, it becomes clear that some people think she knows more than she does, and they want to silence her…but then the richest man on the island is found dead, and Ella and Dodie are drawn together, while around them events spiral into yet more violence, deceit and death. Meanwhile Dodie is drawn to Flynn, a friend to the stabbed man she tried to save, and Ella is drawn to a police officer who has been seconded as her bodyguard…

Kate Furnivall consistently delivers a wonderful read that ticks all the boxes for an epic story, wonderful characters, an exotic setting and a novel that will reward until the end. Highly recommended.

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