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Book Review: The Demeter Code by Russell Brooks


Demeter Code by Russell Brooks

The Demeter Code is a page-turning thriller that follows CIA Operatives Ridley Fox and Dr Nita Parris in a plot line that includes placing a person into witness protection, the investigation into the death of 13 soldiers, the dealings of a multi-national company who will go to any lengths to cover-up its criminal activities, and a terrorist intent on making a bio-terrorist attack in the US. It becomes a race against the clock for Nita and Ridley to find the information they need to stop the attack, with the help of hacker Dewan.

The novel is fast and pacey. The central characters travel the globe as new information comes to light. Both are trained professionals, adept at fighting and using weapons. Ridley has the street-smarts and Nita has the scientific brain, and together they are a formidable team. The multi-stranded plot line will keep readers on their toes as the novel shifts from different characters in different countries, but it is well worth reading as the story strands come together.

I enjoyed this book, there was plenty of action and intrigue, and I particularly liked the different locations in the novel. The big question is what is next for Ridley and Nita?

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