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Book Review: The Curiosity by Stephen P Kiernan

The Curiosity by Stephen P Kiernan

Poignant, raw and beautiful, The Curiosity is a scientific thriller and haunting love story about a man who has been frozen for 100 years and revived in modern day America. Maverick scientist Erastus Carthage has developed a technique to bring frozen simple-celled animals back to life for a brief period. But then his Arctic research team discovers a frozen human body in an iceberg, and ignoring any ethical considerations, Carthage decides to try and reanimate the body. He brings back to life Jeremiah Rice, a Massachusetts judge, who went overboard in 1906.

At first Jeremiah is virtually a prisoner in the laboratory, but beautiful biologist Kate Philo fights for his freedom and becomes his link to the outside world – and becomes very much his only ally, in a world divided by his presence and ready to exploit him for their own gain. He is instantly famous and hounded by paparazzi, but also vilified by religious conservatives and also viewed as a future source of income by the unethical Carthage. Jeremiah tries to come to terms with his unique second life when all his friends and beloved family are long deceased in a world that is astonishing but vulgar. It is only natural as the story progresses that Kate and Jeremiah fall in love.

The story is told from alternative viewpoints, adding to the complexity of the tale. This is a touching and thought-provoking book that will keep you captive to the very moving ending. It is a book to savour.

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