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Book Review: Skeletons by Jane Fallon

Skeletons by Jane Fallon

At the beginning of this novel, Jen has everything she has ever wanted in life. She is part of the big, happy family that she didn’t have growing up – the Masterson clan which was part of the package when she married Jason. Her in-laws are closer to her than her estranged parents and she loves them almost more than she loves her husband. But then, one day, she sees something she shouldn’t have and discovers a terrible secret – one that will change her idyllic life forever. She wishes she could unsee what she saw, but instead decides to rattle the closest to see what the skeletons here mean.

To begin with I found this novel a little slow going, as there is a lot of backstory which was probably crucial in setting the big reveal up. But a little further in the novel it totally took off and I was completely engaged with the main character and her situation. So in the end, I give this read the thumbs up for an engaging and enjoyable read.

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