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Book Review: The Shack by Wm. Paul Young

The Shack by Wm. Paul Young

The Shack is one of the most original and emotionally engaging books I have read in some time. A novel about brokenness and restoration, forgiveness and healing, it would be a hard person not to be moved by this story of a family and their loss, and the responses to the question that many people ask in the face of personal tragedy – where is God in a world full of pain?

Mack, the central character, has had to try and deal with the worst thing any parent could ever face – the abduction and murder of his beautiful daughter, Missy. Four years later, he is still stuck in the midst of terrible grief, a condition he refers to as his Great Sadness. But then a suspicious note, apparently from God, invites him to the very shack his daughter’s blood-stained dress was found. Against his better judgement he returns to the shack, and what he finds there is extraordinary and life-changing. The story is beautiful written, almost like a pitch-perfect song or prayer. It is creative, imaginative, spiritual and daring. It is a story that moves the heart while challenging the intellect, and it is filled with hope, compassion, wonder and surprise. This book will certainly resonate with anyone who has encountered loss in their life – but be warned – you are likely to need some tissues handy while you read.

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