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Book Review: The Outsiders by Gerald Seymour

The Outsiders by Gerald Seymour

Gerald Seymour spent fifteen years as an international television news reporter with IRN, covering Vietnam and the Middle East and other trouble spots. His novels reflect the gritty nature of his previous job and he consistently delivers with thrillers that are intelligent and thought-provoking. In The Outsiders Gerald Seymour shines a light on the war against organised crime.

Winnie Monks was in charge of ‘The Graveyard Team’ a shadowy M15 group that was de-banded after the brutal murder of one of her agents by a Russian Army Major turned gangster. But years later Winnie hears the Major is travelling to a villa in Spain so she asks permission to put a surveillance unit next door. But unknown to Winnie a young couple have moved into the house and are house-sitting for the elderly residents who are away, using the place as a romantic retreat – but their romantic time is severely curtailed when the Secret Service team arrives prepared for revenge.

What follows is a gripping, suspenseful story that offers a glimpse into the multi-billion dollar world of international organisation. Gerald Seymour writes a compelling story that combines action and brilliant characterisation. Highly recommended for readers who like their thrillers to carry some weight.

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