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Book Review: Rescue by Anita Shreve

Rescue by Anita Shreve

Anita Shreve is a wonderful writer who is able to create compelling stories about relationships, which often hinge on single event or two that change people’s lives forever. In this case her latest novel opens with Webster, an EMT with Hartstone Rescue, getting a call out for a road accident. Shelia, the victim, a woman in her twenties, has crashed into a tree in a rusted Cadillac. It soon becomes obvious that she is a very luckwoman as she has escaped serious injury – and that she was also a very drunk woman at the time of the crash. Drawn to her, Webster goes to visit her in hospital and then after to where she is staying. She’s a beautiful woman, but a diamond in the rough – and it is clear that she has been running from something. But before Webster has the chance to get to know her well she finds she is pregnant. Head over heels in love with her and determined to do the right thing, he proposes and she accepts. They have a beautiful baby girl, Rowan. But it is not long before truths about Sheila force Webster to make terrible life-changing decisions for their family.

Rescue takes place over a space of eighteen years, and it is the second half of the novel, in particular, that is the most moving. I had to have a tissue handy for the books end – but my tears were for all the right reasons. This is truly a fabulous read and a novel I would highly recommend. If you haven’t read an Anita Shreve novel before, give this a go and you’ll discover why she is one of the international superstars in the publishing world. Rescue is superb!

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