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Book Review: One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde

One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde

If you have never read Jasper Fforde before you are missing out on something uniquely wonderful. In many ways, he has created his own genre and it is a mad-capped and crazy world that you seriously don’t want to miss dipping into. This is the latest adventure in the 'Thursday Next' series – but you don’t need to start at the beginning to enjoy this comic novel. Thursday Next is a literary detective who lives in a parallel world similar to our own (except she has a pet Dodo and the Crimean War resulted in a different world history and things like that). In her profession she goes in the Book World to keep law and order there. So she does things like making sure characters stay in the right books and that people don’t steal parts of texts, etc. She’s famous in both her real world and the Book World and fans enjoying reading about her exploits. In One of Our Thursdays is Missing we get to meet the written Thursday Next – who plays Thursday’s role in her memoir. But the real Thursday Next has gone missing, so the written Thursday is asked to help. The fictional Thursday Next is soon on the trail of her factual namesake in the hope they can avert a devastating genre war.

If this sounds confusing, well it is a little, but it is best to read Jasper Fforde’s books with a good sense of humour and just let the craziness of his books wash over you. They are filled with literary in-jokes and a great deal of subtle humour – but even if you haven’t read the books he is talking about, or you haven’t heard of some of the different fictional characters that make cameo appearances, his books are a great deal of fun. They are hugely entertaining, in a mad-cap Dr Who kind of way.

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