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Book Review: One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Tropper

One Last Thing Before I Go by Jonathan Tropper

This is a fantastic book! It is funny, moving and wise – and just a complete joy to read. Silver is forty-four and leading a lonely and miserable life. He was a drummer in a band that managed to have one major hit before disbanding and sliding into obscurity. He’s divorced from the love of his life and his super smart teenager daughter, Casey, doesn’t want to have that much to do with him. But then Casey comes to him with the news that she is pregnant, thinking that telling her old man first will be easier than disappointing her mum who is about to get married for the second time. Soon after Silver learns he has a fatal heart condition. But instead of choosing to have the operation that would save his life, Silver, decides to live life on the edge, resolving to try to be a better father and a better man in the meantime. His family and friends are justifiably horrified by his decision, fearing he could drop dead at any moment and can’t believe his flawed, stubborn logic. Meanwhile Silver attempts to rebuild his life and help his daughter with hilarious and heart-breaking results – especially when his condition causes him to say out loud many things he was internally thinking. It seems he can’t keep any thoughts to himself anymore, and the truth is both brutal and beautiful.

The characters in this novel are wonderful – quirky, believable and oh so likable. And the plot is delicious. You really want to give Silver a big slap as he meanders from one disastrous episode to the next, but he has such a big heart you can’t help forgiving him for all his wrongs. This is well-crafted writing that will stir the heart strings. I’d definitely recommend this novel.

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