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Book Review: Down the Darkest Road by Tami Hoag

Down the Darkest Road by Tami Hoag

The title reflects well the increasing darkness of this thrilling novel – but thankfully the darkness is largely psychological with most of the violence off-page. Lauren Lawton is a single mother who has been pushed beyond normal limits. Four years earlier her sixteen-year-old daughter disappeared and is presumed dead. Two years later her husband committed suicide, unable to cope with his grief, leaving Lauren to raise their remaining daughter, Leah, on her own. Lauren and the police think they know who abducted her daughter, but they have no evidence to convict. Looking for a fresh start, Lauren moves to Oak Knoll, but she then discovers the suspect is in the same town and now it looks like Leah might be threatened as well.

This is wonderful writing that captures a mother who will do anything to get the man who took her daughter – even if she has to take the law into her own hands. In the meantime, Leah has become used to living life in the background following the disappearance of her beautiful and outgoing older sister – but now is the time she has to say, ‘what about me?’ as her mother becomes increasingly obsessed with the man who took her sister. Tami Hoag builds the tension with expert style and when we finally get to the showdown that has been brewing for four years the ending is a real knock-out. A heart-palpitating, but emotionally satisfying read.

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