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Book Review: Con Law by Mark Gimenez

Con Law by Mark Gimenez

This is the start of a thrilling new series, and I’m already hooked. John Bookman – Book – to everyone who knows him, is a tenured professor at the University of Texas School of Law. He’s like a rock star in the world of law. He is thirty-five and handsome and wears his hair long, and is usually found wearing jeans. He rides a Harley and when he is not teaching his class on Constitutional Law, he’s on television reducing politicians to blithering fools or signing copies of his latest book. He is often mentioned as a future Supreme Court nominee. But he’s also known for something more unusual. He’s taken on a lot of cases in the past that have seemed lost causes – and he wins. So every week now he has an intern go through the hundreds of letters from desperate people wanting him to help him. Most get directed to the appropriate agency, but every so often a letter forces him to act. This time around is it a letter from a previous intern who says he has proof that the local water supply is being contaminated. Book is a Indiana Jones-style professor who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty in the pursuit of truth and justice. Like all Mark Gimenez’ books there is a great sense of place in the big state of Texas, of law and politics, and Book is a memorable character I’d love to meet in real life. Book is highly intelligent, moral, determined to live his life to the full everyday (for reasons the reader will discover) – and he also has other ‘skills’ apart from his brain – that come in handy when confronted by people wanting to do him harm. And boy, there quite a few in this book who don’t want him investigating

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