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Book Review: Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton

Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton

If you only read one book this year this is the book you should read. It is utterly astonishing! It is beautiful but tragic, moving but hopeful, engrossing but emotionally honest in a way that is unnerving. Words cannot describe how good this novel is – I can only suggest that you read this wonderful book and find out for yourself. Above anything else this is a book that looks at the emotional bonds that create families.

The story opens with a school on fire and Grace running into the fiery building because she knows her teenage daughter Jenny is still in there. This book is about what happens afterwards. Afterwards...when Grace has to find the identity of the arsonist who tried to kill her daughter. Afterwards...when she tries to protect her family – her distraught husband, her badly burnt daughter and her confused young son Adam – from the person who is intent on destroying them. Afterwards...when Grace discovers the limitless nature of love.

This is a powerful novel from an exceptional writer. Keep a box of tissues handy, but be prepared to read a novel that is original, surprising, extremely moving but ultimately one that lovingly celebrates what it is to be part of an everyday but extraordinary family – because when you think about it, any loving family is extraordinary and beyond value. This is a beautiful, beautiful novel.

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