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Book Review: Under a Blood Red Sky by Kate Furnivall

Under a Blood Red Sky by Kate Furnivall

Under a Blood Red Sky opens in 1933 with two inmates, Sofia and Anna, trying to survive the daily horror of the Davinsky Labour Camp in Siberia. When Anna falls ill, Sofia makes a daring escape with the promise that she will find Anna’s lost girlhood love, the passionate revolutionary named Vasily, and then return for Anna.

Sofia’s escape results in months of desolation and hardship, but she subsists on the belief she will track down Vasily, inspired by Anna’s stories of him. When she finds refuge in a remote village she also finds Mikhail Pashin who she is convinced is Vasily in disguise. Caught in a web of secrecy and lies, she finds herself drawn to Mikhail/Vasily, although he belongs to Anna. Does Sofia have the loyalty and courage to keep her promise to Anna? An epic historical novel, this is a tale that delivers both danger and desire. It is an atmospheric read that captures the sweeping nature of pre-World War II Soviet Russia, and it has wonderful, nuanced characters that are finely drawn. It is a beautifully written book that I would highly recommend.

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