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Book Review: The Silver Gaucho by Jackie Ballantyne

The Silver Gaucho by Jackie Ballantyne

This highly original and page-turning novel begins with the knowledge that the famed Silver Gaucho has died in a car accident. He is a beloved Argentine soap-star and now all of Argentina is in mourning.

But Lockie Steele has never liked the Silver Gaucho, Luis Mabon, especially after his family effectively kidnapped her when she was visiting Argentina. Knowing she was from New Zealand they want her to find the Silver Gaucho’s brother Javier, who has disappeared without a trace in Aoteaora. It is a puzzling mystery that Lockie eventually agrees to take on when she returns to New Zealand – with surprising results…

This well-written novel goes from Argentina to the South Island of New Zealand and back again, capturing the sights and sounds of both countries with aplomb. Definitely recommended. This is a wonderful novel from a New Zealand writer. I look forward to reading more of this talented writer’s books.

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