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Book Review: The Last Minute by Jeff Abbott

The Last Minute by Jeff Abbott

This is an explosive, action-packed thriller that is very much like watching an A-list action movie, one that keeps you utterly enthralled until the end and hungry for the next instalment. This is the second book in a new series (the first book aptly named Adrenalin) that features hero Sam Capra. He’s an ex-CIA agent whose life changed forever when his pregnant wife, also a CIA agent, decided to turn traitor. Now she is a coma and if he has any hope of getting his baby son back he is forced by a powerful and mysterious criminal group to commit an assassination of a young man who threatens their survival. Teamed with Leonie, a young woman as desperate as himself, they have three days to find their target and exterminate him. But while Sam is a highly-trained agent, and he has killed people in the past, the more truth he uncovers, the more he is uncomfortable about killing a young man in cold blood. But he is determined to save his son, and Leonie is determined they have to complete their mission so she can save her own child...

There are twists and turns aplenty in this fabulous read, all with a race against the clock as Sam tries to get his son. All he wants to do when everything is over is enjoy a simple life and be a father, but will there be any hope of this? The stakes are high and the odds are against him, but will determination win out in the end? And will he even dare change the rules in the hope bloodshed won’t be shed? At the heart of everything is the red notebook that the target has on his person – a notebook that could possibly alter everything. This is a top-notch, heart-palpitating thriller and the suspense continues to build to an ending that satisfies but sets everything up for the next adventure.

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