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Book Review: The Good Psychologist by Noam Shpancer

The Good Psychologist by Noam Shpancer

This is a wonderful novel! It tells the story of ‘the Good Psychologist’ – a man who has his own private practice who also teaches a class, the Principles of Therapy, at the local college. His daily routine is ‘simple and straightforward’ but as the novel progresses it is clear that the psychologist’s life is anything but simple. He is an experienced and very effective psychologist who has helped countless patients and inspired many young students, but his own life harbours complicated secrets. And when a stripper takes a regular 4pm appointment with him because she has anxiety problems and is no longer able to dance, his professional and personal lives are in danger of colliding – again.

This is an absorbing read and I found the storyline compelling and thought-provoking – and the Good Psychologist’s lectures with his students are among the best parts of the book. Noam Shpancer is a professor of psychology in real life, so he clearly knows what he is writing about. Having never studied psychology at university, I found this aspect of the novel fascinating, and I think even those who are well versed in the subject will also find this book interesting as Noam Shpancer is a wonderful story teller, with a unique style of writing all of his own. The book examines how difficult it is to actually put good theories in the classroom into practice in real life. This is a witty and humane novel that explores the human heart and the way we behave.

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