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Book Review: The Fraud by Barbara Ewing

The Fraud by Barbara Ewing

The Fraud was the cause of much trouble in my household when I read this novel. Instead of doing all the things that I was supposed to one Saturday I started reading Barbara Ewing’s latest and then I found that I literally couldn’t put the book down. However, I was forgiven by my husband when he started reading it also and found the book impossible to resist.

The Fraud is set in the 18th century art world and centres around a young woman, Francesca, who is desperately trying to find her true place in the world, and her older brother Filipo di Vecellio of Florence, who is a portrait painter and the toast of London. He is rich and successful – his social gatherings include the crème de la crème of artists and their agents – but beneath this glossy surface a terrible fraud has been perpetrated, one that will rock the art world to its very core. Barbara Ewing is renowned for her meticulous research and she brings 18th century London so vividly to life I felt I was walking the streets with her characters – but it was the characters themselves that kept me reading, especially the passionate, artistic, headstrong Francesca who burns with such desire and obsession! This is a book of secrets and scandals, love and tragedy, art and ambition. This is a truly captivating read and one that I would highly recommend.

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