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Book Review: The Concubine's Secret by Kate Furnivall

The Concubine’s Secret by Kate Furnivall

The Concubine’s Secret is the much anticipated sequel to the extremely popular novel The Russian Concubine. I was an enormous fan of the first novel and believe the sequel is even better! Once again, this is an epic and atmospheric novel that you can completely lose yourself in. The flame-haired and fiery Lydia goes to Russia with her half-brother Alexei in search of their father – a man they once believed was killed by Bolsheviks, but now they have information that he is held captive in one of infamous prison camps. The journey they are undertaking is extremely perilous and Lydia has had to leave everything behind her to travel to Russia, including her Chinese lover, Chang An Lo, who is fighting as a Communist revolutionary back in China. When Alexei appears to have abandoned Lydia she strikes up a dangerous relationship with Dmitri, a Russian officer, although her heart still yearns for Chang An Lo. But Chang An Lo hasn’t forgotten her and he finds his way to Russia. But can he save her from the web of deceit that is threatening both her search for her father and her physical safety?

This is an exceptionally good book and one that I would highly recommend. If you like sweeping, historical-based fiction then this is the book for you! It is full of passion and betrayal, courage and determination. The characters are exceptionally well drawn, all with their own secrets and motivations, and the plot has many twists and turns as each of the main characters sets off in different directions, doing heroic – and terrible things – in their search for truth. Kate Furnivall’s mother was a Russian refugee and there is an authenticity to the book that seems to accurately capture the bleak and dangerous nature of Stalinist Russia in 1930, a place where no on trusts anyone else. This is a wonderful piece of storytelling.

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