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Book Review: The Clouds Beneath the Sun by Mackenzie Ford

The Clouds Beneath the Sun by Mackenzie Ford

Inspired by a true event, this sensational second novel from the pen of Mackenzie Ford has all the elements for a highly satisfying read – memorable characters, an exotic setting and a story that is as intriguing as it is gripping.

Set in Kenya in 1961, archaeologist Natalie Nelson lands at the remote airstrip in the Serengeti eager to join a team excavating the ruins in Kenya, but also desperate to escape England and the painful memories of a doomed romance and estrangement from her recently widowed father. Before she has a chance to get her bearings, however, the dig is surrounded by controversy. There is a sensational archaeological find, but then a colleague is murdered and the camp cook is charged with his murder and the Maasai tribe he comes from seems intent on stopping any digs on their land – forever – as a consequence. As the only witness to the accused’s activity prior to the murder, Natalie is faced with giving evidence at trail – and her decision to stand by telling the truth will shape her life forever. In the meantime she experiences a growing attraction to Jack Deacon, a famed explorer, and her relationship with him will have dramatic repercussions for them both.

The Clouds Beneath the Sun is a page-turning, evocative read, and one that I would definitely recommend. This is a novel that offers a lot – romance and adventure, murder and mystery, during a time of great upheaval in Kenya prior to their independence in 1963. Great stuff!

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